In a Nutshell

Welcome to Islamic Youth Centre Trust (IYC) – the centre for youth poised to make a change in Muslim community – and through that in the larger society.

• A centre in the heart of the city of Calicut, Kerala and geared to lend institutional support to efforts by different organizations to uphold and present the concept of Islam as a liberating force.

• A meeting point of socio-cultural activists whose goal it is to train and fine-tune youth talent towards the total development of men and women in accordance with the teaching of the Holy Quran.

• Provides the physical infrastructure to all collective endeavours – be it of a meeting hall, a guidance centre, a library reference, a youth hostel with the ambience for character building, bits of educational guidance, a scholarship for education, or just an opportunity to network with broadminded brains with a fire for reform.

The Genesis

The genesis of IYC was from a kernel concept of a pivotal point in Calicut city that would fill the felt gap of a facility with such features. In 1978, a dozen like-minded youth came together to work on it. The result: a modest building was procured and Islamic Youth Centre was born to be housed in it as a registered trust.

Over the following decades, the infra-structure got gradually enhanced with the spontaneous support of votaries of the concept. Thus the old building was eventually demolished and a new three-storied building came up in 1985 with a carpet area of 872.70 Sq m housing different wings of activity.