The People Behind

Dr. A.I. Rahmathullah (Managing Trustee)
Prominent Islamic Scholar and public speaker, Dr. A.I Rahmathullah retired as the Head of Dept. of Arabic, University of Calicut. Author of several academic titles in Arabic, he was recently honoured by the President of India for his meritorious contribution to the teaching of Arabic language.

A. Abdul Vahab (Secretary & Director, Scholarship Programme)
Quranic scholar of repute and orator, Abdul Vahab has written books highlighting the Quranic idea of universe and life and he is active in the field of Da’wa.

Prof. K.P. Kamaludheen
College teacher by profession, Kamaludheen was in the Dept. of Collegiate Education, Kerala. He has translated a large number of books from Arabic/English into Malayalam. Currently, the Principal of Islamiya College, Kuttiadi, Calicut.

I.K. Abdul Kader
An alumnus of Regional Engineering College, Calicut, Abdul Kader worked in Riyadh before returning home to community service.

Prof. P. Koya (Director)
Writer and commentator, P. Koya is currently the Managing Editor of Thejas Daily.

V. Abdul Kabeer
Wrtiter and journalist with a number of books to his credit, he is known for felicity and elegance in writing Malayalam and Arabic.

P.V. Saeed Muhammed
A prominent scholar and writer known for his cool-minded analysis of political and social developments.

K.C. Saleem
Writer, translator and journalist, K.C. Saleem was with Information and Public Relations Department as its Regional Director. He had translated more than half a dozen books of renowned scholars from English to Malayalam. He is currently editing a web journal,

E. Abubacker
The Secretary of All India Milli Council and member of All Muslim Personal Law Board, Abubacker is a well known social activist in Kerala.

E.M. Abdul Rahman
An authority on Muslim socio-political history and growth, E.M. Abdul Rahman also sits on the Board of Trustees of Students Islamic Trust, New Delhi.