IYC has by now become the hub of individuals and organizations in different spheres of propagating Islam or uplifting Muslim community. They meet and chat, draw on the resources of the library and reading room, hold or attend lectures and seminars, interact with the younger generation who frequent the premises for various purposes, and above all breathe and radiate the air of brotherhood and goodwill with the larger goal of giving the society the virtues and values of Islam for a better tomorrow. At the same time, IYC has never shied away from addressing the socio-political and economic challenges vexing the Muslim ummah. It is a platform – rather a state of mind – and its reach is beyond the city of Calicut and even the state of Kerala. The chief heads of IYC’s activities are below:

Scholarship programme

One of the thrust areas of the Centre is the educational empowerment of the younger generation. The Centre has been working with Islamic Development Bank (IDB), Jeddah and Students Islamic Trust, New Delhi in running their scholarship programmes designed to help undergraduate professional students. The programme sponsored by IDB has been helpful to hundreds of poor but talented students in the state of Kerala.

In addition, the Centre has been running a separate scholarship scheme for more than 25 years to cater to the financial needs of the burgeoning Muslim student population in the state who have registered significant growth in graduate education. Its prime objective is to ensure that no Muslim student in the state is denied proper education for reasons of poverty. IYC has quite a large number of former beneficiaries of this programme who have become self-reliant and productive members of the community energizing a whole generation for a bright Islamic future.

Publishing programme

Under the imprint of Prathibha Books, Banna Books and Camel Books, IYC has been publishing either original titles or translations on Islamic themes. Thus Hayat Muhammad, the seminal biography of the Prophet (pbuh) written in Arabic by the renowned Egyptian scholar Muhammad Husayn Haykal, was published in Malayalam by Prathibha Books in 1981. It was a pioneering publishing event since such a biographical narrative of the Prophet was thereto unknown to Malayalam audience, and todate it remains a best selling seerah in Malayalam.

Other titles published include the landmark research work of Dr Maurice Bucaille The Bible, the Qur’an and Science and a classic biography of Khalifa Abubacker (ra) again by Muhammad Hussain Haykal. Camel Books has carved its own niche in academic publishing bringing out a series of books under its Islamization of knowledge programme.

Islamic Fund for the Deprived

A separate fund exclusively for giving development assistance to poor families. Priority for aid in this category is given to orphans, destitutes and widows.


Perhaps the largest Islamic library in the city of Calicut is run by IYC with more than 5000 titles in Malayalam, English, Arabic, Urdu and Hindi. Through this, it also functions as a meeting point for scholars and journalists, not only native, but even those from outside in search of material for research topics.

Youth Hostel/Career Guidance

Since October 1980, a youth hostel has been functioning at Bank Road as part of the facility. Its current capacity is for 100 students. The beneficiaries are students who cannot find accommodation near their institutions in the city or seek more conducive atmosphere for sustained Islamic character building. A healthy Islamic atmosphere is ensured in the hostel through periodic meetings, seminars, counselling programmes etc.

The vocational guidance division is tailored to the benefit of prospective employers and job-seekers alike and to give guidance on education and career.


A key element that enables IYC to be a hub of activists is its elegant auditorium that is offered to all denominations at a nominal charge. With a capacity of 75 seats, the hall is equipped with conference chairs and suitable PA system.